Thursday, 22 December 2011


another book that i made that illustrates the idea of migration with a few pages of simple black and white illustrations of birds flying in flocks.

I think that by using black gives an idea of a hole in the page, this connotes the idea of the birds not being there and just leaving holes where they have been linking to the idea of the extinct Passenger Pigeon that has left a hole in the bird world.

Pigeon Design box for assessment

For assessment I wanted to present my Contemporary Technologies work in a box, so i painted this one with pigeon inspired patterns to try and make the box take on a pigeon like form which could envelope all my sketch books and hand made books.

I thought that presenting my work in a portfolio was not very appropriate due to the form of my work so i wanted to present it in something that encapsulated the project.

Friday, 16 December 2011

acetate page for my book

I typed up a page of onomatopoeia's for pigeons and the noises they made on the video footage i recorded, so that the pages could overlay on top of my paintings to mirror the frantic affect the video has.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Passenger Pigeon Project Zine

The front and back page work as separate images, or when open, as whole image.

This is a book that I made and bound myself. It documents the progress of my project and the strategies that I have carried out to spread the migration of the Passenger Pigeon. It also contains many paintings, in particular the double page spreads (shown in photos) that i painted from observation from the footage of the pigeons that i shot.
I would like to make a few of these zines, and then give them to readers, leaving them with the idea of helping the species migrate. 

Monday, 12 December 2011

Hayley Potter

This image by illustrator, Hayley Potter reminded me of the work i am currently doing dues to the ink paintings of the pigeons. I like the monochrome pallete she has chosen and her illustrative style.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

'Attack of The Space Waffles' @ The Outsiders Gallery, Greek Street, Soho W1D 4DG 10/12/2011

I went to a pop-up exhbition put on by Space Invader him self. it was at 'The Outsiders' gallery in Soho and showed many photographs of his work and a video instillation. The show featured a waffle maker that made waffles in the shape of a space invader, hence the name of the show 'Attack of The Space Waffles'. It also featured a giant disco ball which was covered in silver space invaders so that when the light hit it the room was filled with thousands of space invaders, i like this idea as it mirrors the repition of his art work and felt like they were invading the room.

Space Invader

Space Invader is the tag name for a French born graffiti artist who takes his inspiration from the Space Invader computer game. He creates his work using a mosaic style which he mounts onto a tile that can easily be glues onto walls. He uses these characters to 'invade' cities and they can be found in countrys all over the world. The reason why i have chosen to look at him for this project is because like my stickers i am spreading them attemptong to make my Passenger Pigeons invade, migrate and spread awareness.
Space Invader doesn't spontaniously put his work up in any place, he thinks about each location carefully in regards to aesthetic preferences. He often makes maps and guides to where you can find his work. In one case he located his tiles carefully so that when you plotted them onto a map it made the shape of an invader.
I think that this street artist is very inspirational and relevant when thinking about my sticker art that i am attempting to virally spread.

Friday, 9 December 2011

map of progress

I created this map to show the locations my Passenger Pigeons have spread to, wither via download-able origami species or stickers. I hope that as my project furthers it will have a chance to grow even larger and my Passenger Pigeons will be able to migrate further afield. 

Thursday, 8 December 2011

origami bird replies

Here are some origami replies that i received via email from a friend who printed of the specially designed origami paper and created their own bird.


Here are some photographs that i took of my stickers. I tried to put them in relative places that illustrated the Passenger Pigeons situation. For example on a mesh window which connotes how it is caged and cannot migrate. Or perhaps on a bin which connotes how the species has been dieposed of.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

In this film I decided to see if the pigeons would eat out of my hands. The results were successful as they were very tame! Maybe this could act as a strategy to sway peoples attitudes on the widely disliked species.

Pigeons eating

I attempted to create the same view point as i did in my previous film of pigeons, however this one wasn't as successful but i like the view of the trees in the background as it gives it a sense of height and position. Also the view of the pigeons is better as there is more light i the shot and show their patterns and faces more visibly.


After feed back from my first  blog assessment i was encouraged to create more footage, this is one film created whilst attempting to lure squirrels. I was trying to create an interesting view point with the camera, although i realise that this isn't as successful as the other film of pigeons eating that i recorded.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

I created a tumblr page solely for my Passenger Pigeon illustrations so that i could have them all in one place  without any distraction from research or text.

Mark Dion's Mobile Aprreciation Unit

Mark Dion's Mobile Aprreciation Unit is an interesting way to see how someone created a project about a conventional bird that many people dislike due to their behaviour and regularity.
He created a mobile unit of a giant gull that was staffed with people giving information about gulls.
These are scans for an information booklet that was given out, and I think the illustrations and use of monochrome colour scheme is interesting when considering creating my own zine.