Monday, 9 January 2012

MIVC503 Conclusion

I have created 3 books that conclude my body of work; the books contain the progress of my project and show the strategies that I took to help the Passenger Pigeon migrate. They also contain art work and imagery based on the idea of migration with pull out posters and stickers so that the reader can help spread the species themselves.
Looking at the artist 'Space Invader' was very inspirational when considering where to place my stickers and art work to go alongside them.
One of Space Invader's well known mosaic tiles in Shoreditch.
 I felt that I wanted to bring together all my work and show it formally in books as I have created many different ideas in regards to migration and the project is more about the heightening of people’s acknowledgement to the extinction f the species and reviving it.  Unfortunately when creating one of my books I made a mistake with the lay out so it does not open very easily, however I learnt from this error and ensured the other books did not have the same fault.
A lot of my illustrations were inspired by imagery in the footage that I took of the pigeons eating off the camera, I feel these images were successful because of the interesting view point and the beautiful silhouettes it gave, it was also a good source of reflection to base my ideas around.
Some stills from the footage showing the angle and silhouette.

I wanted to display my work in a way that encapsulates the whole project, so I painted a box with pigeon patterns and detail so that my sketch books and handmade books could be shown within this and is an extension of the project itself.  I feel that the outcome of my work has successfully represented my idea of reviving the Passenger Pigeon species and my finished hand made books evaluates my ideas.

'Birds in Hats'

This image is from a blog called 'Birds in Hats' which presents many illustrations of birds wearing hats.
I thought it was a beautiful illustration of a pigeon that i could use for inspiration for art work in my project. Also the top hat and monocle add a sense of humour to the image, which i feel is relevant to some of my art work.