Sunday, 11 December 2011

Space Invader

Space Invader is the tag name for a French born graffiti artist who takes his inspiration from the Space Invader computer game. He creates his work using a mosaic style which he mounts onto a tile that can easily be glues onto walls. He uses these characters to 'invade' cities and they can be found in countrys all over the world. The reason why i have chosen to look at him for this project is because like my stickers i am spreading them attemptong to make my Passenger Pigeons invade, migrate and spread awareness.
Space Invader doesn't spontaniously put his work up in any place, he thinks about each location carefully in regards to aesthetic preferences. He often makes maps and guides to where you can find his work. In one case he located his tiles carefully so that when you plotted them onto a map it made the shape of an invader.
I think that this street artist is very inspirational and relevant when thinking about my sticker art that i am attempting to virally spread.

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